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April 2008

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captainsavvy in leestconsortium

Meetings #3 and #4

Meeting #3 2/15/08

William won the quiz!

William part 1: Ubiquitous ads. – evil or just stupid? What does it say about the public? Preying on the poor and uneducated.

Daniel and William: Male Leakage – It is a force of nature. Dab method most preferred but not 100%, shaking a no no.

Daniel: Spectroscopy – do the nuclei really spin?  A = abc. N+1 Rule for split signals. Molecular orbital theory is So right based on Photoelectron Spectroscopy.  Valence bond theory works well in most situations but not as correct.

Rogueology: In conclusion Rogue is awesome

William Part 2: Google Earth and then LOLcats


Meeting #4 2/22/08


Daniel won the quiz with Daltonism being colorblindness

William – Current events and then Science Misconceptions: Lemmings are sad!

Various interesting videos such as 10 dimensions, wind statues, steam punk.

Daniel: acids and bases we made salt (Like Gandhi) but our pH meter sucked. But it was still cool.

Lisa: Panbiotic ethics and Directed Panspermia: the dark side of panspermia. Scary!


It was also proposed that once a month or so LSC does something with literature. This was agreed upon.




I just want to say that we did make salt, (sodium acetate to be specific) our pH meter just sucked.

And I apologize for my initial hesitance towards the literature idea, it is a fantastic idea. Just a little bit of close-mindedness creeping up on me. I have a FANTASTIC story, i will post it in the community.
Oops. Sorry about the salt. I shall edit it.

And i'm really glad you warmed up to the literature idea. I'm just really interested in learning and sharing that information on tons of subjects which are mutually beneficial to each other. Fiction and science have been playing off each other forever. In fact tons of the people building the first rockets were inspired by jules verne and other writers. It was reading those stories that got them thinking about making it a reality. Today it isn't much different either as i recently watched this documnetary on Star Trek and tons of the people working in NASA now were inspired to follow that career path because of the show.
That all being said though there's just a lot of cool stories out there that could be discussed. If we all hadn't read it I would suggest "Metamorphosis"...but luckily we have read it because it is damn sad.

I'm excited to read the story you picked out!