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April 2008



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Apr. 12th, 2008

Scorpion + Zn = <3


(no subject)

guys, I may have to miss the consortium, I am much busier than I thought (all of the sudden as my starts to put things in perspective) i.e. I have to finish reading a book, and a write a 5 page paper on it, and study for a physical chemistry test on tuesday, and I have a lab report due on friday. And it sort of makes me want to die. Mostly the book report part. hopefully we can do it tomorrow anyway, but if we do it will have to be late at night (like 8ish 9ish?) and I'll have to TOTALLY ad lib my stuff.

Apr. 10th, 2008


Let's Move LeeSt to Saturdays

Hey everyone,

Let's move the LeeSt to Saturdays if possible.  It works out better for me schedule wise.

Mar. 8th, 2008


Meetings #5 and #6

Remember to bring your proposal for naming the Moon next time!!!!!!


Feb. 23rd, 2008


Yay I found my story!

Okay...i know it's a star wars story and kinda long. but it is SO good. At least that's how i remember it. It's all about the origin of my favorite star wars character: IG-88. I read this in 5th grade, but it was some of my first introductions to some major concepts of robotics and the philosophy of Descartes "I think, therefore I am."

I think it will be very interesting and cool...so I hope everyone will make it through it...maybe not by next week, but over time.  If not for me read it for IG-88 because he is the bestest and I love him!


Scorpion + Zn = <3


Literature for the meeting


I think it is absolutely elegant, and like many of lovecraft's works it has a message about the danger of ultimate knowledge. Any takers?


Meetings #3 and #4



Feb. 19th, 2008


Meeting FORE

I am probably going to make a presentation regarding some current events, Geomorphology and Physiography, and science misconceptions.  I will try to make everything brief if I can, but I would like to suggest that we start Meeting FORE (4) earlier this week... say... 3-4pm instead of 6-7.  I think that way we can more time if we need it, but if we don't it will still be early.

If the weather is right, I think some sort of a field trip would be pretty exciting too... I don't exactly know where yet... but if anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.  I am thinking of some sort of scientifically relevant site in Blacksburg somewhere that we could travel to and discuss.  Ideally, a museum, but I don't think we all have the money for that sort of thing nor do I know of any that would be that interesting around here.  I was thinking the duration of the field trip would probably be about 20-30min if we do anything.

What does everyone think?

Oh... by the way... I want some ideas on shirt designs for LSC... just some descriptions of what you'd like to see in a logo... or some clever catch phrase... I am looking at some sort of play on words with Lee St... something like "Leest, but not last".  This is why I am asking for ideas guys...  that was terrible and even I know it.

Feb. 17th, 2008

Scorpion + Zn = <3


LSC #4

Hey gang,

I figured I'd give a presentation on acids and bases. A chemistry classic. It will be a fun talk, because unlike spectroscopy, residual entropy, and boron compound geometries, acids and bases are talked about all the time. So it will be fun to learn something that is mentioned all over the place. It should also be a very easy to understand talk, or at least easier than my past three talks. I'm sure William will find some way to get me off topic onto something complicated though. My talk will mostly consist of definitions of acids and bases, the math of bronsted bases (what does pH actually mean?), lewis bases (their relevance to organic chemistry), and superacids.

Then if I can put it together, we can do our own little acid base experiment. Without a good scale, graduated cylinders, indicators, or pH electrodes, we can't do much. But hopefully I can cobble together some litmus paper from somewhere, and we can add stuff to NaOH/NaOCl (Drano!) and see what happens.

Either way it'll be a fun talk!

Feb. 16th, 2008


I made a lolcat picture of a bird

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


Meeting #3 comments

Well I really enjoyed meeting 3.  I was very entertained by Rogueology and its related fields of study.  I expect some further elaboration in the future on some of those fields... perhaps some advanced Rogueology as well.

Daniel's spectroscopy (I spelled it!) information was very good as well... if a little teeny bit above my current knowledge in some ways.

I wanted my Google Earth presentation to be a little more impressive... but I put the least amount of work into that one so I guess I am not that disappointed.

As soon as everyone starts to get an idea of what you are doing next Friday, post it!

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