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April 2008

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divinelybereft in leestconsortium

Meeting FORE

I am probably going to make a presentation regarding some current events, Geomorphology and Physiography, and science misconceptions.  I will try to make everything brief if I can, but I would like to suggest that we start Meeting FORE (4) earlier this week... say... 3-4pm instead of 6-7.  I think that way we can more time if we need it, but if we don't it will still be early.

If the weather is right, I think some sort of a field trip would be pretty exciting too... I don't exactly know where yet... but if anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.  I am thinking of some sort of scientifically relevant site in Blacksburg somewhere that we could travel to and discuss.  Ideally, a museum, but I don't think we all have the money for that sort of thing nor do I know of any that would be that interesting around here.  I was thinking the duration of the field trip would probably be about 20-30min if we do anything.

What does everyone think?

Oh... by the way... I want some ideas on shirt designs for LSC... just some descriptions of what you'd like to see in a logo... or some clever catch phrase... I am looking at some sort of play on words with Lee St... something like "Leest, but not last".  This is why I am asking for ideas guys...  that was terrible and even I know it.


Hm, field trips...the only place that comes to mind immediately is I believe there are some museums in Roanoke, but that isn't exactly a short field trip.

The only thing I can think of for a shirt is garbonax. I'll try to think of osmething more constructive.

Topics sound neat!
I like the idea about doing it earlier, usually I should be able to do it earlier, but sometimes...maybe not. I usually have to put my presentations together on friday afternoon, so if I have something else going on in the afternoon it might kill my prep time. But I do prefer earlier over later.